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Relocations Ltd is a professional, experienced and trustworthy “one stop relocation service” company, providing all your relocation, immigration, moving and tenancy rental/management services from A-Z.
The relocation process is one of the most difficult for an employee or family involving intense change on a work, life and cultural basis. Professional relocation consultants not only save companies money, in that they have a far greater ability to accurately negotiate expenses on behalf of their clients, they also provide a seamless transition for the employee from one role to the next, promoting effective and swift productivity for the company.

Relocating to or from a country can be stressful, so it is important to have someone you can rely on. Relocations Ltd provides ALL services that an expatriate coming to or leaving Slovenia needs. Our services can be split into four areas: Immigration, Destination, Moving and Home Search.

We would be delighted to offer you our highly professional and quality relocation services and consulting.

If you are interested in any of our services, or have a ‘special request’, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can prepare a personal service portfolio that will suit you and answer to all your dilemmas.

Please note that we offer both ARRIVAL and DEPARTURE services.


Preparing for a legal entry into a new country is a very important process, which needs to be taken care of properly as far as the timing and the necessary documentation is concerned.

We give you the presentation of the full immigration process and the deadlines. Having an overview of the procedure makes it simpler to understand the time frame.


In the first days, weeks, months in a new city or country many challenges for an expatriate and their family can occur. We provide support to you and your family at every level, making sure you get on with work and life, stress-free. There are a lot of things to look after and we have all the contacts and relationships established with all the providers. Our 24/7 helpline and language support is just one phone call away.

HOME SEARCH services

We search the whole market (via agents, landlords, public notices etc.) to ensure that you have the largest selection of suitable properties, meaning we can access all available residential real estate properties. This unique approach has provided tenants and landlords with a much more professional option compared to the traditional real estate agency service. Our job is to guide you through the whole process with independent advice and support.

MOVING services

We can coordinate and manage the move of your goods locally and internationally. With our team in Slovenia and verified partners abroad we offer an independent moving management coordination service.

Many of our clients prefer to have all the steps of their relocation managed from one office. We can assist you with a full moving service (local or international) or just local assistance in Slovenia. We provide you with quotes for just a few boxes, or a whole household. We can always find a suitable service and price for you.